Happy Birthday Mr President

Happy Birthday Mr President Happy Birthday to you. TODAY is Lincon’s birthday, just thought i would put that one out there first. I was going to put a video of Maralyn Monro singing Happy Birthday Mr President but that was aimed at JFK so i didnt bother. Plus im from the UK so the whole president thing isnt as big over here as it is for people in the USA, but i thought i would throw that one in anyway.
SO  there havent  been some very easy days to celebrate im single so i couldnt dump my significant jerk, but yesterday (11th) i was satified i was single so that worked with that day.
Apart from it being Lincon’s birthday it is also national Safety pup day. There isnt much to say about this so i did a bit of research and found the history of Safety pup because i honestly have never heard of it..

Safety Pup was developed in 1985 by the National Child Safety Council. There are currently over 9000 safety pups around the nation today and the program is designed to help save the lives of our children by education and awareness of safety topics such as stranger safety, halloween safety, bus safety, internet safety, school safety, and more. The sheriff’s office has had safety pup since 2001.

Last week was national Doppelganger  week. Doppelganger is a word from Germany which basically means any double or look alike person. Thats why people have been changing their images on facebook to famous people. Unfortunately i dont look like anyone so i couldnt change mine but i wouldnt mind looking like some famous people…preferbly Alecia Moore or as shes famously known as P!NK.

Recently I have been trying to find out more about my uni course that i have applied for. I want to know if i am moving back to Plymouth but i’m still waiting to hear back from the uni. There isnt much else thats been happening which is rubbish. Download announcements are on monday so as this week has been hectic to get it all sorted out i will definitely be making a video next week about Download and the such.
My internet is pretty bad today so i am unable to write what i want and include pictures because nothing seems to be working BUT as soon as i can i will update this blog as soon as i can.

I’m Sorry I’m Bad I’m Sorry You’re Blue


SO….its been a while i know but the days that were supposed to be great days really wernt something i could celebrate i mean Data Privacy day? how the hell are you supposed to celebrate that?! I did start a blog on the 25th but i got called away and it didnt really get far but here it is anyway

SORRY its been a while weekends i work so i am pretty much unable to write this on weekends but ill back log it with national days…on the 22nd the national day was Answer Your Cats Quesions, i dont have a cat so i couldnt answer them im afraid, national handwriting day was the 23rd,24th was national belly laugh day and today is……..

I absolutely love bubble wrap its amazing stuff. My best friend knew how much i loved it by giving me this

This is amazing its a bubble wrap key ring and you can press the buttons and they sound like bubble wrap and if you pop it 200 times a little voice goes YYYEEEHHAAA. AMAZING I love it loads.

So thats as far as it got pretty crap i know but today is the 1st of Feb and today is Freedom day, and to get into the spirit of freedom i went through all my old clothes and gave old clothes that didnt fit or were too small for me to charity in particular the Hospicecare as they do a brilliant job and looked after my grandparents brilliantly when they were in there. Tomorrow happens to be Groundhog day which is quite funny because i will basically be carrying on what i was doing yesterday, i will be going through my room cleaning it out more and more and donating old CD’s to Oxfam. Ive also decided that I want to start swimming again
Well maybe i wont look like that but its a bit to join my health kick so i thought why not?
At the moment my film of the day is the Goonies. Couldn’t decide what  film to watch whilst i sit and type this up so the Goonies something that is a great watch and i can look at now and again and still know what the fuck is going on! If you havent watched the Goonies before i HIGHLY recommend that you watch it.
What else? Oh yea ive finally finished Bioshock im so lame i know but still ive been watching the gameplay and heard that their making a Bioshock film was quite surprised but think it might be pretty amazing if they do, so im thinking about making a fan made Bioshock film trailer.
I feel bad that i havent even taken the time out to write this let alone making another video!
Im trying to work as much as i can and save for my holiday which i am super stoked about. Plus i am hoping to make a new video next week to talk about DOWNLOAD festival, yes its back again and ive got my ticket and looking forward to it so much. The lineup for it so far is….

Yes ACDC,Them Crooked Vultures,Deftones,Stone Temple Pilots, Megadeth, Motorhead, Wolfmother, Bullet For My Valentine, and Volbeat ticket has cost me in total so far £221 ive got a 5 day camping ticket plus my car paking plus a lovely locker. If your going let me know my friends and I are planning to dress up as wheres Wally characters so it should be quite fun might even give people a prize if they find us.

Oh and picture of the day is…(drumroll)

No reason why just makes me smile 🙂
Anwyays its time to watch the Goonies and relax.
I will write soon and video next week!