Its Been A While

So yes it has been a while and over a month since I went away but i have been busy sorting out family stuff and job stuff plus working those lovely overtime shifts as well as my part time rubbish.

ANYWAYS I have got myself in gear and found some time in my busy yet very lazy and dull life to get this all sorted and write down what happened whilst I went away, so lets get started.

March 31st 2010

Nothing much of interest happened on the first day it consisted of us traveling from Exeter to London Heathrow and then spent the late afternoon and evening in our Travelodge hotel which was pretty much about 10/15 minutes away from the airport. My friend Fiona who i went with is a tea fiend and has to have her tea, even though we were going to Sri Lanka the place where tea is picked she wanted her PG tips so we had to walk to a local shop and buy some PG tips, only to find out when we had got back to the hotel room that she had no spoon for her tea. We went down for dinner and she picked up a spare knife…why a knife I will never know even a month and a bit on now I still have no idea why she chose a knife but still she chose a knife to use to take her tea bag out of her cup. That was pretty much that we spent the night in the Trvelodge and planned to get up early the next day to fly. This is the comparison of my suitcase (on the right) weighing around 19KG and Fiona’s (left) weighing more like 22kg.

April 1st 2010 – St Stupid

We got up early to be washed and fed before we caught the shuttle bus which was around 10ish to Heathrow Airport. We checked in without problems  our flight was UL0506 and we were flying at 1.45 at terminal 4 so we had plenty of time. We headed towards the departure lounge for some duty free shopping and to wait for our flight as we got to the xray bit where they check that were not going to carry on bombs, liquid etc. During the queuing time I asked Fiona “you don’t have anything you shouldn’t in your bag do you? no scissors, water any liquid over the limit” she looked at me shaking her head no no its all in my suitcase. (It wasn’t the full body scan though just the normal x ray bags and metal detector) I walked through fine although I had to hold up my jeans which are a bit too big but so comfortable as my belt is one of the metal studded belts. Fiona was behind me she walked through fine as well my bag goes through the xray machine no problem but Fiona’s still hadn’t arrived next thing we know a man appears with her bag and takes us to one side saying “Is it ok if i check your bag?” Fiona nods the man looks at her and says “now theres nothing in here that’s going to hurt me or anything nothing sharp, nothing that could harm me?” Fiona shakes her head again. He checks the bag putting items like her Ipod and phone in one tray and everything else like tissues, passport in another he looks up at her again “nothing in here you want to tell me about?” Fiona just looks at him and shakes her head looking confused at this point the man then pulls out the knife from the hotel “what about this?” Oh my God i seriously couldn’t believe it, i had asked her in the que if she had anything and she assured me there wasn’t my heart beat so much and everything was running through my mind. What if they wont let her fly? What if they say she has to be taken aside what am i going to do? Fiona just laughed sheepishly and explained the hotel situation the man took it off her and let us get on our way. I knew from that point that this holiday wasn’t going to be plain sailing. We sat in the bar for a drink and something to eat knowing exactly what flight food is like…I hate flight food. We did a bit of shopping and then headed to get on the plane when the flight was called and we boarded, once in the air it was a lovely 10ish hour flight to Sri Lanka once I got used to the tv system and got bored of playing the flight games I ended up watching It’s Complicated, (with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin) Blind Side (Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin) and finally The Twilight Saga New Moon (Kristen Steward,Robert Pattinson,Taylor Lautner) I was actually reading New moon before the holiday and hadnt yet finished it I had totally fallen for the Jacob Black character rather than Edward Cullen. Everyone wanted the sulky vampire who couldnt control himself and was cold and cautions, for someone with raynaud’s desiese i’d much prefer a warm warewolf who wants to be with me rather than someone who wants to be doesnt but does but cant eugh talk about messing the girl around!

April 2nd – Good Friday

We arrived in Colombo Airport at 5 am Sri Lankan time which means ive gone 19 hours without sleep, now im a generally sleepy person, I love sleep even though ive had trouble sleeping since my gran died. So im a bit tired and grumpy when we land, we collected our bags and walked to the main arrivals bit where our transportation driver should be stood holding a sign with our names on it…he wasnt. We walked outside and got a culture shock as it felt like hundreds of people were stood outside waiting for family to arrive. The heat was so hot! coming off a cold air conditioned plane and just having it hit you was crazy, we didnt find out transportation out there either so we ended up getting back inside and finding someone to help us. When we finally got picked up we had a 20 minute drive, by then people are up and walking to work and school the sun was coming up and all I wanted to do was sleep. We arrived at the hotel at 7 in the morning and got checked in taking the traditional pictures of this is the view from the balcony.

After having a brief 2 hour sleep we had some lunch had a sunbathe and braved going out of the hotel to explore our surroundings. Because we never had any transportation waiting for us we didn’t know anything about our rep normally you get told “your rep will meet you at 9 tomorrow morning to talk to you about trips” but even the presence of a rep like a picture or anything was non existent, so we decided to check out what the other tour guides would offer and we ended up booking 3 days for £67  with A.T.C. International which is an amazing price. The 3 days consisted of a trip around Negombo the next day, and then a two day over night trip later on in the week so £67 really wasn’t bad.

April 3rd – Tangible Karma
So today started off the tours we met our tour guide Dean who also is the organiser of ATC International and the driver and our trip started. We stopped off to see a Buddhist temple which was around 200+ years old, there are many different religions in Sri Lanka the three that i knew of was Buddhist, Muslim and Roman Catholic.