The Start Of Something New

Well…this is strange.

Its been years since I last decided to blog, I can’t really say that I grew out of it because that isnt entirely true I was forever creating blogs in my head but that was normally when I was trying to get to sleep and it never resulted into anything. So let’s start again, draw a line under all those years ago and start new.

I am Bryony, I am a 27 year old singleton living in Devon in the UK. I love the area where I live and enjoy my job but as a female there are many things I want to improve,or change or eradicate completely. I think it’s female nature to want to do that, to want the best, to improve and succeed…or maybe its just a human thing.

On the 1st of January 2015 I woke up feeling no different from 11.29pm on December 31st and knew something had to change btu couldnt work out what exactly. I have been living a life of work, home shower, eat, bed repeat Monday – Friday. Weekends could vary between sat in my lazy clothes all day playing Xbox to going out in the evenings and then suffering a hangover the next day. It’s fun for so long but its basic and can get a little boring. So in the beginning of February i deicded to sign up for a 5K run. For some 5K is nothing but for me it’s a big achievement as I’m not little miss sporty at all. Even though I signed up in the beginning of February I have been poor in getting motivated and thought maybe if I keep track of what im doing here and my progress (if any) I might see some sort of change in myself. I have set up a Just giving page If you see this blog and give it a read please donate. I am currently at £0.00 and would love to raise up to £100 if at all possible. Remember every penny helps.

Today is Monday 2nd of March. I plan to try and kickstart this all off, healthy eating, attempting different work outs, gym class sessions and even a run now and again. I currently weigh 10.08 and am 5ft 7. My personal goal is to tone up and lose my excess fat whilst achieving my fitness level to complete the 5K race without problems.

Legs – 24″

Waist – 34″


Heres hoping I can make a change! Today is the start of something new.


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