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So I make YouTube video’s and try to post new ones along with my blogs but I have older ones that don’t get noticed because for me their old videos so I’ve decided to post all my YouTube Videos on my blog and on separate pages and then when a new one gets made Itl go on here as well so the very bottom video is the oldest and the new ones will go on top (obviously) enjoy ūüôā

This video was made because I realised I had a lot of footage from when I went to America in 2009 and decided to start putting them up, I’m actually surprised at the amount of people that look at these sort of videos. I have two more to put up one is the Shamu Believe footage and the other is footage from the Seal’s enclosure and the Seal Lion show. I still have extra footage of penguins and everything but havent finished them yet as soon as I do it’l be up on here tho.

Our Final module was to produce a film, any film we wanted we had free reign. ¬†Some people in our class were making animations, others were making documentaries and I just didnt have a clue what I wanted to make. I had the idea that I would try and make a trailer for Tithe A Modern Fairy Tale by Holly Black. (of you don’t know what i’m talking about ¬†But I didnt know enough people to get as casting and everything so I thought about what else I could do and ended up listening to Fightstar and a line from the song Mercury Summer really stood out to me.
“What do you expect to see every time you look at me?” and I started thinking about appearances and judging a book by it’s cover and decided on making a sort of self portrait film i made it quite abstract and sort of personalised it a little. I really like it, its one of my favourite’s that ive done by far and here it is.

When I went to Plymouth University and one of out modules was to write a 10,000 word dissertation and to make a film that is linked to the dissertation one way or another. My dissertation was about how women are portrayed in Disney animations so I made a video where the girl in the film is fed up of the real world with depressing stories in the news and she dreams of going to Disney World so that night she literally dreams of going to Disney World and as many dreams dont make sense this is more of a montage of images, and then shes woken up by the news on the radio and choose to dream a bit longer of Disney World than get up and live in the real world. It was inspired from this quote ” When I was a kid I thought that Disney was like a big escape. It was like a different world. And I always wanted the world to be real, as well. I always wished there was a place like Disney. And then when I heard about things like Disney World and Disneyland, I thought ‘it’s true,’ you know, to some extent… It’s that amazing sense that there’s a different world.” This is the first attempt I made which tells the story and is quite straight through.

Then after showing it to my tutor we talked it over and changed the film to cut it down to just the dream sequence. I ended up changing it to make it so the reality of the world with the war keeps breaking through the dream.

One of our modules was to make a films where they are linked somehow, this can be anything as long as they are linked so it could be a sort of sequel or even just the same character appearing in both films. I decided to make two adverts that would be Talk to Frank which is their connection. The first advert I made was called Choose Life which used the Trainspotting Choose Life speech but it was twisted to mean Choose LIFE not choose drugs. This was probably my weaker advert out of the two. The Second advert was Locations and the message was where would your addiction take you and there were images like a high rating hotel and then got worse to finally a grave.

During my two years doing a foundation degree our class tried to make a short feature length film our group were called Deer Head Productions and things worked out quite well until people got bored and stopped showing interest. Luckily we had enough footage together so that I could create two trailers. The film was called Healing Honey and the story was about a medical breakthrough that could cure any illness but the second generation of this medicine had powers and were being taken into ‘care’ to be tested on. A particular girl who is of great interest was in this care and she escapes only to find out that she is some sort of saviour and a group of rebels are looking for her to aid her whilst the medical people are looking for her to bring her back.
The  quality of the trailers are pretty poor quality and this is because of YouTube compressing it at a great amount.

I made this for my A Levels, i wanted to see if i could make a advert that would be shown on somewhere like red nose day. It isnt designed to be a typical advert that shown on TV during the day its more a advert that would be shown at events etc . This advert really actually touches home for me personally but looking back on it I really wish YouTube hadnt deteriorated the visual so badly, the writing is so muddled if I decided to make it again I would.

This is the first video I ever put on YouTube so far I have received 930,244 views. ¬†I made this video in my first year of Creative Digital Video ¬†Foundation course to show how I can edit and also if it was going to be a final piece it would have been adapted into a VJ piece. The song for this piece was originally Cassie by Flyleaf but YouTube contacted me with copyright problems so I had to change it to Bullets by Creed. I made this piece in 2006 and took some of the footage off of other YouTube video’s, as well as the film ¬†ELEPHANT. The song Cassie by Flyleaf which¬†inspired me to research into the columbine high school massacre, there are many different opinions on what happened that day but i was looking at Cassie because of the song it wasnt to upset anyone or say this is right you are wrong.

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